22 сентября 2022


10000+ участников, 16 спикеров. Практика и кейсы


September 22, 2022


10000+ participants, 16 speakers. Practice and cases


22 вересня 2022


10000+ учасників, 16 спікерів. Практика та кейси

Accreditation for media and thematic projects

The conference on the promotion of "GuruConf" sites can be accessed free of charge upon receipt of accreditation. This can be calculated by any online media, thematic public relations on Internet marketing, as well as thematic portals. Applications from thematic projects related to IT and Internet marketing are accepted for consideration. Potential coverage of the audience should be at least 1000 people, this means that the attendance of your media should be at least 1000 people a day. If this refers to the public relations of VC and FB, then at least 1000 participants. We do not consider applications for accreditation from non-renewable groups and groups with cheating. We also reserve the right to refuse any application for accreditation at our discretion without comment. It is necessary to remember that the number of accreditations for free participation is limited. Therefore, the earlier you apply for pre-registration, the better. Thank you for understanding.

Project topics:

  • all online media;
  • Web design;
  • programming;
  • search promotion;
  • contextual advertising;
  • social networks;
  • blogs, taxes, tigers;
  • mobile;
  • gadgets;
  • other in IT.

To confirm your accreditation, place the news on the conference "GuruConf" on your project. Regarding the media, this applies to the site and their representations in social networks as well. For thematic publications and mass media, it is necessary to publish information about the event in the main stream, and not in the third-party closed section. For publishers and FB pages, it is necessary to place a post in the main tape, which would be placed on top of the group for at least 24 hours.

Requirements for materials:

  • In the material there must be a link to
  • When posting on social networks, it is advisable to mention the hashtag #guruconf
  • Must be a link to the site of the organizer
  • The text of the post, review and / or news should be unique
  • Links must be active (can be opened in a new window)
  • In the text it is desirable to mention the topic, place, time, date, speakers and program

Examples of reviews / news of the event: