22 сентября 2022


10000+ участников, 16 спикеров. Практика и кейсы


September 22, 2022


10000+ participants, 16 speakers. Practice and cases


22 вересня 2022


10000+ учасників, 16 спікерів. Практика та кейси

Recommended places and hotels in Kiev for guests

If you come to the conference GuruConf from another city, then certainly the information below is useful. We offer you a list of places that are recommended for visiting - Kyiv is one of the most popular tourist cities in Ukraine, so you can usefully spend time free from the conference. To visit at least the most important places in the capital, you will need at least a few days, so we recommend staying in Kiev for at least 5 days.

So, here is a shortened list of places where a guest of the Ukrainian capital should visit:

- Kievo-Perecherskaya Lavra (the largest Orthodox complex in the world)

- Andrew's Descent

- Khreshchatyk

- St. Vladimir's Cathedral

- Motherland

- Independence Square ("Maydan Nezalezhnost")

- National Opera House

- Golden Gate

- Mariinsky Park

- The Botanical Garden. Grishko.

A more complete list is available on the website TripAdvisor.

Where and what is an interesting meal?

- Restaurant "Opanas" can surprise with soup in a plate of bread and delicious original Ukrainian cuisine

- "Lviv Chocolate" on Andreevsky Spusk has an extensive range for lovers of sweets

More restaurants you can find here.

Here is also a short list of hotels where you can stay in Kiev:

- Hotel "Khreshchatyk"

- Hotel Cosmopolit

- Hotel Podol Plaza

- Hotel "Bontiac"

- Hotel "President"

More hotels in Buking.