21 ноября 2020

ТРК Ультрамарин. Киев, ул. Липковского, 1А

1500 гостей, 24 спикера. Только практика и кейсы

Why are Internet marketing conferences important?

First of all, this is an exchange of experience :-) But if you look deeper, it's not just an exchange of experience.

First and most important. You will learn the most advanced technologies and practical cases from life. That is, consolidated knowledge from the guru of his case. The benefit here is obvious. Concentrated knowledge and experience for 1 day at an affordable price. In order for such knowledge and experience to acquire independently, one must spend much more time, effort and nerves. And their rvemya and nerves, too, cost money. Therefore, first of all, we save resources and attend conferences on website promotion.

The second reason for visiting the conference on search promotion is the opportunity to talk directly with the leaders of the SEO market. You can ask the questions you need. Lobbying has an open talk about technology. You really can count on getting secrets and chips first-hand!

The third reason is networking. It is informal communication that allows you to get to know your colleagues in the workshop and experts from the industry. Such meetings allow you to make new business contacts on a co-break, find partners and customers. Take advantage of a powerful opportunity to expand the circle of your IT acquaintances.

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