21 ноября 2020

ТРК Ультрамарин. Киев, ул. Липковского, 1А

1500 гостей, 24 спикера. Только практика и кейсы


If you want to help the event, we will be happy for mutually beneficial cooperation! There are several options for cooperation - read them below.

First of all, the conference on Internet marketing is a useful knowledge and experience of exchange. But not only! First, you will learn the most advanced technologies and practical knowledge in CPA, SMM, SEO, and so on.

If you come to the conference GuruConf from another city, then certainly the information below is useful. We offer you a list of places.

The conference on the promotion of "GuruConf" sites can be accessed free of charge upon receipt of accreditation. This can be calculated by any online media, thematic public relations on Internet marketing, as well as thematic portals.